Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bella and her new cousin.
Family Christmas Picture
Our Sweet Babies
Sweet Girl!
Our Handsome Little Man

So...I am terrible at blogging! I look at everyone's updated, cute blogs and think wow, I should really update ours and then I never do! :)
So...I am updating! :)
Here is what is going on with us:
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family. It was amazing to have a few days off to spend with my two precious ones! We had fun decorating for Christmas, wrapping presents, and enjoyed a good Carolina football win (which made Daddy sad)! Bella is so full of energy and amazes me with her ability to soak up EVERYTHING like a little sponge. The things she says and does now crack me up! You never know what silly thing she is going to do or say. She loves her dance class and is often walking around the house in her dance shoes. :) She is going to be in the Stepping Out Nutcracker Fantasy next weekend and is ultra excited about being a mouse! :)
Thomas is changing so much by the minute. He is talking like crazy, walking everywhere, and has turned into my little monkey man. He LOVES climbing and his new thing is to dance (by marching his feet) when he hears music. He is too sweet and such a precious joy to us!
We are happy to announce that we have a new addition to our family. Our nephew, Samuel Turbeville was born today. We are so thankful to have a new healthy addition to our family. :)
We are eagerly awaiting the Christmas holidays. Bella has written her list to Santa (she wants a guitar and 2 cats...we shall see if Santa can find these things) and we can't wait to see her and Thomas' faces on Christmas morning! Happy Holidays to everyone! :)


Jeffrey said...

Isabella and Thomas are so cute! :)

I am glad y'all are doing great! Miss you!


Devin said...

Glad you updated. :) Hope to see y'all soon.