Monday, August 9, 2010

Dear Summer...please don't end...

As I write this, summer is coming to a close. In three days, our life will go back to the hectic routine of work, preschool, dance, and running from here to there. I am sad that summer 2010 will be over but I look forward to the school year starting up. I LOVE setting up my classroom and getting a fresh group of students. I LOVE fall, football, Halloween, cool evenings on our deck, and the excitement of Thanksgiving and Christmas. So, the ending of summer is bittersweet. As much as I love the idea of having a routine again and the exciting things of fall, I will miss the lazy summer mornings, trips to the pool, our many playdates, Bella and Mommy time (while T sleeps), and cooking my favorite girl a fried egg every morning and my little man scrambled eggs. Ahh, the frozen pancakes will come out and the juice cups will be poured the night before...thus making the school year begin.

I am thankful for many things this summer but here are the top ten things:
1-Spending EVERY day with my little man and sweet little girl.
2-Seeing the smiles on their faces when we went to the beach all those time this summer.
3-Celebrating a special 2nd birthday with Thomas.
4-Seeing my two play together and giggle with each other.
5-Seeing two sleepy little faces every morning and hearing all about Bella's crazy dreams (that girl sure has had some dreams...) :)
6-Our McDonalds playdates with friends.
7-Seeing my baby girl not wear her swimmys and swim like a big girl (with her new swim vest).
8-Hearing Thomas really talk to me and express his feelings.
9-Staying up late with my sweet hubby...and watching all our addictive TV shows ;)
10-HAVING a WONDERFUL husband and two AMAZING children that have thanked me for what I have done for them and told me CONSTANTLY how much they love me. Those words never get old.
So, as I wrap up the summer of 2010, I go back to work feeling loved and looking forward to all of the adventures that this school year will hold AND I look forward to the summer of 2011 and what adventures we will have then.
Summer...until next time...

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