Saturday, June 14, 2008

Another Great Day!

This looks easy so I figured I would give it a try instead of Jamie this time. We have had even more amazing days with Thomas! Yesterday they removed the nasal canter from his nose, so he has been breathing room air on his own and is not having any trouble at all with it. His feeding tube has also been moved from his mouth to his nose. They did this because today, for the first time, Jamie was able to nurse Thomas. He ate for almost 45 minutes, and he really did great. They told us today that as long as he continues to eat with no problems, he will be able to come home in another four days or so...sweet! The Lord has truly blessed us these last ten days, and it is so amazing to see how things have come full circle with our little man. Thanks for the prayers, as they are without a doubt the reason he has healed so quickly. There have been many days that the doctor has told us that Thomas has healed quicker than he should have, or that he has moved off of this machine sooner than he should have, and it is totally because of what the Lord has done. Thanks so much, and we will continue to keep you all updated as much as we can. Just a few more days..!!!

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