Tuesday, June 10, 2008

One Week!

Well today we celebrated Thomas's one week birthday! He has hung in and been a tough little guy for a full week and is really doing great. He didn't get transferred today because the NICU was too busy. He is scheduled to get transferred early tomorrow morning. His oxygen pressure has been reduced down to 1.5 and so they will most likely remove his nose canter in the morning once he is settled at Lexington. His respitory rates have also begun to calm down. He was breathing at a rate of 60 at 8 tonight. Once he gets below 60 we are told that they will begin bottle feeding him. His tube feedings have tripled in amount since yesterday! My little man can eat! He is supposed to be feed a full ounce at midnight tonight. He is eating almost as fast as I can pump! :) So...all we have is good news to report. I will update tomorrow about how the transfer to Lexington went!

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